The Affairs Of The Deceased

Please find below a list of things you may need to consider:


Banks, Building Societies, Post office, Premium Bonds


Payments being made: Insurance Policies, rental or H.P agreements, standing orders, credit cards.

Change Of Name Of Responsibility

Change of name of responsibility for: Electricity, gas, telephone, car, car insurance, house insurance, TV licence.

Notification Of Death

Notification of death will need to be sent to: Employer, Tax Office, Passport Office, Pension's Departments, professional associations, local clubs and organisations, driving licence-DVLA Swansea, family GP, DSS for cancellation of services, hospital for cancellation of any appointments.

Change Of Circumstances

The financial circumstances of the remaining family have now altered and various grants and allowances may be available from the state, e.g. help towards funeral expenses, rent/council tax rebates, widow's pension. Please contact your local Department for Works and Pension.

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